The high competition market requires laser targeting, are you doing it right?

Every minute on the internet:


As you can see, there are many platforms, many actions, and plenty of competitors who might have a bigger budget, an internal marketing department, and many other resources.
So, how can we increase our marketing performances with this huge amount of things happening at the same time? How can we optimize our budget and generate more Return On Investment for our business?

It all begins by having an accurate knowledge of your user/customer base.

Most campaigns and marketing efforts don’t get the proper ROI because they aren’t tailored to a specific kind of audience.
A brilliant ad delivered on Facebook while most of the target audience reads Medium or browses Pinterest would be wasted, don’t you think?

So, start thinking of who really is your customer
discover what could pull or push him/her towards your product
discover his/her fear, uncertainties, and attachment to the status quo
understand his/her real needs, what can trigger him/her towards your product, and the outcome he/her could realize
understand his/her online behavior, the platform he/she hangs out the most, and what he/she likes/dislikes
and then?
Build a strategy that fits your persona and delivers him/her what he/she wants at the right time and in the right place.

Always put yourself in your customer’s shoes and figure out the rest.

Think about yourself this exact moment: I built this article to help Startuppers, Entrepreneurs (SMBs/SMEs), and Marketers who are my top 3 customer segments.
If you got here it’s because:
– A topic of your interest was found thanks to specific tools (soon articles on it);
– Copywriting and content triggered that interest and brought you here;
– The post was published on a platform that you are familiar with.

As you can see I tried to maximize my marketing efforts because I have interests in bringing values to these specific customers. This was possible because my focus was on this and this only which means that I avoided budget waste which for any of the mentioned categories is like a holy grail.

If you’re not sure how to begin to check my article on how to build a persona.

I hope you liked this article and if you enjoyed it please share it, so you can help a friend, a colleague or a connection of yours increasing his/her marketing performances.