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Today I will be sharing a proven Facebook ads Strategy for Local businesses that helped me generating huge sales for many shops.

So, if you own a local business such as a shop, a restaurant, or a beauty salon, and such, or you’re a marketer managing Local businesses ads this post is highly recommended.

Down below you will find the Strategy described step by step in writing. But if you’d like to get some extra explanation and details or get tips and tricks watch the video at the end of the page. It’s part of a live session I’ve done on Facebook where I explain the Strategy and I answer a few questions.

Also, I made my slides available for you. Feel free to download them and store them safely for future appliances.



One of the biggest issues for local activities is to make Fb ads work.

How can you do that? You need:

  • A strategy
  • A budget that matches your business goals
  • Content
  • Mindset

Who is it for?

For illustration purposes, we’ll be using a pizza restaurant but this strategy can work for a variety of different small businesses such as shoe repairs, hair salons, beauty salons etc.

Moreover, it is effective if you are launching a product, a special promotion, or during bank holidays.


Before you start

This campaign is based on Whatsapp business.
In order to ensure the best results you should:

  • set-up quick replies
  • prepare a well-designed menù to send the users as soon as they click to make the conversation faster and close the order as soon as possible.

Strategic options for Whatsapp

Option 1

Type of campaign: Traffic
Destination: WhatsApp

If a user clicks on CTA a WA chat would open with a pre-filled text such as ‘’I’ve seen this content on Facebook’’.
This, often, is a blocker for people because it is not conversion-oriented and too generic (plenty of clicks but not many messages sent).
If you notice this trend with this test then you should follow option 2.

Option 2

Type of campaign: Traffic
Destination: Website traffic

As a URL use a custom link that directs the user towards a WA chat with your custom prefilled text (i.e ‘hello’, I’d like to order a pizza)

The custom text would be tailored with creativity and goal (which is selling pizza :D)

Strategy Phase 1 – Awareness/Conversion

Campaign objective
Traffic campaign with Whatsapp destination

Use a broad audience with geolocalization (15/20km max)

Use tailored copywriting on the recipe and USP (make your product unique)


  • No emoji, no uppercase (try to make it look like organic).
  • Direct but not too salesy.
  • 2 pics and 2 videos min.

Note: if you want to keep going with phase 1, feel free to do so. If you want to launch a special product or discount or convert more on the engagement you’ve generated so far you can stop with phase one and follow with phase 2: Retargeting.

Strategy Phase 2 – retargeting

Campaign objective

Impressions (to have the highest frequency possible)

Convert engagement into sales


Custom audience – FB Page engagement – last 14 days
Custom audience – IG Page engagement – last 14 days
Custom audience – Video views – last 14 days

You can use the same content if you want, but if you’re making a special discount or such make sure to highlight it (i.e 2 for 3 pizzas only this week).

You can use copy focused on urgency or scarcity.

As a link WA business and as a CTA ‘Book Now’ and ‘Order now’.



For more details on the creative, it’s recommended to watch the video from min 16.00

Important notes

For both options, it’s recommended to add contact information on copywriting to give the user more options according to their preferences. Some people might prefer a call, while some others chat on WA or some people might just stop by.


📌 123 Fake Street, AN
📞 123 456 789
👇 Click here and order NOW your pizza on WhatsApp👇


Also, the title and description should tell the users that the conversation is going to be opened in WA. This way we can prepare the user for the experience we’ve planned and help us avoid any unwanted click.

Remember menù and quick replies?
Once the message is received, you can reply with quick responses (settings – tools – quick responses) by sending a welcome message + a well-designed menù.

Also, with a bit of training you would be able to:

  • Manage reservations
  • Manage order deliveries (by sending texts when the pizza is on the way)
  • Call the users in case you won’t find the exact locations etc

Bonus content

  1. Use a link shortener for aesthetic purposes
    100% accurate tracking is impossible but you can try with custom text for each ad (like adding an emoji or a .). This way, if you count the chats you’d be able to perform a content audit to figure out which creativity performs best.
  2. Make sure you have a laptop with WA to manage conversations as quickly as possible
  3. Link can be built this way:,%20can,%20I,%20order,%20a,%20pizza?



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