Our first time at Web Summit

Here I am, telling a story about two guys in Lisbon for the first time at Web Summit. But before we start I want to tell you why you should read this article. Well, inside you’ll find the story of us who attended the biggest tech conference in the world and we want you to […]

The ‘Dark Side’… of User Interfaces

Dark themes are becoming every day more and more popular. In a certain way, having a dark interface is quite mandatory nowadays, not only for the new software and OS that allow you to choose which theme to pick. The question now is, of course, how can we design an effective “dark theme”? Before diving […]

5 UX Design Essential Tips

In a world where you can find millions of websites that have the information you are looking for, how can you stand out? There’s a simple way to answer this question and is all about being simple and functional: I am a lazy user, and when I want to check something on the web, I […]

6 tips to design an effective landing page

“A landing page is any webpage on which an Internet visitor first arrives on their way to an important action that you want them to take on your site” This is what Tim Ash, author of Landing Page Optimization, says about this very special type of page on your website and we all know that […]